realbuzz is currently offline while we put the finishing touches on the shiny new

We've rebuilt the site to make it sleek and easy to use and added some great new features including:

New Groups

Among the changes is a new easy-to-use group system so that you can find realbuzzers with similar interests to you and share your experiences and training tips.

Interactive Route Mapping

We've also completely rebuilt our mapping functionality, making it simple for you to map your routes and share them with the community. On top of this we've added some cool new features which will chart the elevations on your route and allow you to tag it with photos so that fellow realbuzzers can truly see the challenges you've conquered.

Quick, Easy Photo & Video

Last but not least, we have totally reworked our photos and videos, making it easier than ever before for you to add content and see content added by other realbuzz members. You'll be able to add comments, rate with a 'like' or 'dislike' and share your snaps elsewhere on the web.

Check back soon for this and much more, we're really excited for you to see it!